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The Vodka Will Wait!

The Vodka Will Wait!

The Vodka will wait! Our customer on the North Shore OF Chicago who is a craft vodka distillery halted vodka production in order to focus on producing hand sanitizer for first responders. They are putting considerable more strain on their compressed air system producing hand sanitizer. This reliable Schulz compressor is meeting their elevated compressed air needs with no problem. Compressed Air Advisors, Inc. went out to do a PM Service on this Schulz MSW-60Max 15hp compressor that we sold just over a year ago. Their system also has a Schulz SMH-75 High Temperature Air Dryer and uses Food Grade Oil and final filtration with an activated carbon filter to eliminate any unwanted tastes or smells from affecting their high end craft vodka.   Compressed Air Advisors, Inc. are experts in the use of compressed air in distillation  and craft brewing applications. We are members of the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild and have been a part of designing and providing equipment to several breweries and distilleries across the country.
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