Clean Resources CRP55 IDC - Oil/Water Separators for up to 750 CFM


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Welcome to the latest generation of oil/ water separators; the CRP-IDC Paks.

CRP-IDC Paks provide a convenient and cost effective method to keep your compressor room EPA compliant. The innovative CRP-IDC PAK requires no electricity, is maintenance free, and is mold resistant. The lubricant absorbing media used in the units can be disposed of as non-hazardous special waste once the liquid has been drained.

The CRP-IDC Paks have been designed using an improved alumina silicate substrate media that prolongs the life of the unit. It also comes with a durable, onboard decompression chamber. These new units come complete with a 5 inlet hub, 5 hose barbs, an inlet hose, and an outlet hose. Prime the unit and simply run your condensate lines to the unit. With the CRP-IDC Paks there is no need for a separate decompression chamber.

Along with the technologies of the CRP Paks, these CRP-IDC Paks provide:

  • Improved performance
  • A longer lifespan
  • Simple single step installation
  • A lower profile

In addition, sizing of the unit has been done to make it easy for service personnel or the client to become better aware of when to change the unit.

Our 100% Guarantee
The CRP-IDCs are guaranteed to clean compressor condensate to less than 10ppm for the life of the unit or we will provide a refund through your distributor.

How It Works: CRP-IDC Paks
Laboratory tested and proven in the field, the CRP-IDC is engineered to provide EPA compliant results. It is changing the world of compressor condensate management.

Once the condensate from the waste stream is piped into the unit through the inlet hub, it comes into contact with our improved alumina silicate substrate media. These beads absorb the lubricant while repelling the water. The lubricant bonds with the media making the cleaned water easily disposable.

Works with the Following Type of Lubricants:

  • Diester-based lubricants
  • PAO-based lubricants
  • Glycol-based lubricants
  • Hydraulic lubricants
  • Food grade lubricant
  • Mineral-based lubricants

Just Some of the Brand Name Lubricants CRP-IDC Paks Work With:

  • Androl
  • Ultra Chem
  • Summit
  • Royal Purple
  • All Gardner Denver Lubricants
  • All Kaeser Lubricants
  • All Quincy Lubricants
  • All Atlas Copco Lubricants
  • All Palatek Lubricants
  • All Compair Lubricants
  • All Ingersoll-Rand Lubricants
  • All Sullair Lubricants except 24 KT*

*XKT Paks are available for silicone-based lubricants such as Sullair 24 KT fluid