Altec Air HR6-11MP, 25 CFM Desiccant Air Dryer, 115V


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HR Series Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers are the perfect companion to smaller horsepower compressed air systems for providing ultra-dry clean air.

  • 8 Models Available to Match Your Application Requirements and Minimize Energy Loss

  • Spring Loaded Desiccant Beds Help to Extend the Life of the Desiccant Packed in Each Tower

  • Compact Design with Simple, Versatile Mounting and Installation Options

  • Fully Re-Pressurizing Design for Steady Outlet Pressure and Flow

  • Standard NEMA 4X Electrical Rating

  • ISO 8573.1 Class 2 -40°F/C Standard Outlet Dewpoint

  • Moisture Indicators

  • Tower Pressure Gauges


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