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Chicago Pneumatic PAT24 Pump - 1.5hp -2hp Reciprocating Bare Pump, PN: 1312100119

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Unleash Unmatched Performance with the Chicago Pneumatic PAT24 Pump - 1.5hp -2hp Reciprocating Bare Pump, PN: 1312100119

Hey, you industrial rockstars! Are you tired of subpar equipment killing your productivity? Listen up, because this is the game-changing asset your operation needs. Introducing the Chicago Pneumatic PAT24 Pump, designed for those who refuse to settle for mediocrity. If you're in the market for a 1.5hp - 2hp Reciprocating Bare Pump, stop scrolling and pay attention. This isn't just a pump; it's your ticket to maximizing efficiency and crushing the competition.

Engineered for Excellence

Engineered by the industry-leading Chicago Pneumatic, this beast of a pump is made to deliver unprecedented performance. We're talking about a rugged, durable, and extraordinarily efficient pump that operates at 1.5hp to 2hp. That's horsepower you can feel in your bones, folks!

Dominant Durability

This pump features the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to offer you a long-lasting, reliable solution. The reciprocating bare pump technology ensures that you get optimal performance day in, day out. Don't you dare worry about maintenance; this pump's as low-maintenance as they come. Built to withstand the harshest industrial environments, the PAT24 is quite simply, unstoppable.

Optimal Output

I get it; time is money. And the Chicago Pneumatic PAT24 Pump is optimized for maximum output. We're talking about an exceptional air delivery system, folks. If you're after efficiency and effectiveness, look no further. This pump is designed to be a workhorse, providing consistent, high-quality air supply, which in turn will skyrocket your productivity.

Effortless Installation

Thinking about setup? Don't sweat it. The PN: 1312100119 model is engineered for quick and effortless installation. With a bare pump, you get the flexibility to integrate it into various system configurations. If you're not leveraging this to scale up your business, you're leaving money on the table.

Expert Advice Guaranteed

Here at Compressed Air Advisors Online, Inc, we aren't just salespeople; we're industry experts. When you buy from us, you're backed by decades of experience and unparalleled customer support. We're not satisfied until you're dominating your market.

So stop hesitating and pull the trigger on acquiring the Chicago Pneumatic PAT24 Pump - 1.5hp -2hp Reciprocating Bare Pump, PN: 1312100119. This isn't an expense; it's an investment in blowing the competition out of the water. Ready to 10X your productivity? Click that 'Buy Now' button and let's get you equipped for greatness.

For those who refuse to settle, there's only one choice—Chicago Pneumatic. Period.

Used on Chicago Pneumatic model RCP-220P  and RPC-226VP.


CFM @ 90PSI IS 7.1 (1000 RPM)

Solid Cast Iron 

Single Stage Compressor

Belt Drive

Oil Lubricated (splash lubrication)

Oil Sight Glass