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Chicago Pneumatic T29S/B4900 -3-5hp Bare Pump, PN: 1312101035

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Unleash the Beast: The Chicago Pneumatic T29S/B4900 - 3-5hp Bare Pump, PN: 1312101035

Listen up, champions of industry and masters of compressed air—this isn't just any pump. This is the Chicago Pneumatic T29S/B4900 - 3-5hp Bare Pump. That's right, a name that's synonymous with grit, power, and unyielding performance. If you're looking to escalate your operation to the next level, it's not just an option; it's a MUST-HAVE!

Reliability On A New Scale

We're talking about a machine that's designed to last, with robust cast-iron cylinders and high-quality stainless-steel valves. The kind of durability that makes your grandmother's cast-iron skillet look like a disposable plate. This pump will keep running long after your competitors have packed up and gone home.

High-Efficiency Performance

You want high CFM at maximum PSI, and that's precisely what you're going to get. Whether it's 3hp, 4hp, or 5hp—your choice—this pump will deliver unmatched efficiency. Don't settle for second-rate performance when you can have the industry's elite.

Flexible Installation & Maintenance

Here's the kicker, folks: The Chicago Pneumatic T29S/B4900 is all about adaptability. Whether you're operating in a tight corner of a workshop or in a spacious industrial setting, this bare pump offers versatile mounting options. Plus, it's as easy to maintain as a pet rock but works like a racehorse.


We don't just sell you a box and wave goodbye. At Compressed Air Advisors Online, we're your pit crew, your advisers, your biggest fans. We know the air compressor industry inside and out, and we stand by the excellence of Chicago Pneumatic. That's right—you're not just buying a pump; you're buying a legacy of superior engineering.

Get Yours Now!

So quit messing around with outdated equipment or settling for inferior brands. Upgrade now to the Chicago Pneumatic T29S/B4900 - 3-5hp Bare Pump and dominate your industry. Our end goal is simple: to give you the absolute best, so you can BE the absolute best. Period.

Product Code: PN: 1312101035

Grab your Chicago Pneumatic T29S/B4900 right now and let's 10X your performance! Because in this game, you're either first or you're last. And folks, we don't do last.

Don't be left behind. Take action. Elevate your game. Hit that 'Add to Cart' button like it owes you money!

5 HP Replacement Compressor Pump, used on many air compressors.

T29S Features And Specs:

  • Solid Cast Iron Cylinder

  • Two Stage

  • 15.3 CFM  @ 100 psi

  • 12.3 CFM @ 175 psi

  • Aluminum Head and Coolers for Superior Cooling

  • 13.78" Flywheel