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Craft Brewery Air Compressor

The Beer Must be Brewed!

Compressed Air Advisors, Inc. completed this install of a new Champion VR7-8 in one of Chicago's most well known craft breweries.   We were able to save the dryer but unfortunately the compressor it was attached to was a lost cause.  The rotary screw compressor that they had previously was a misapplication due to heat and run time at this brewery.  We also switched these guys over to food grade oil and made sure all of their filters are up to spec.  Everything was connect using Quick Lock aluminum pipe which connected so easily to their existing stainless steel piping.  This ChampionAirCompressor wil give them years of reliable operation.  Give us a call to see what Compressed Air Advisors, Inc. can do for your unique facility.....877.247.2381 or visit our website
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