Altec Air

For over 50 years, Altec AIR (formerly Puregas, LLC) has manufactured products aimed at helping our customers improve process quality, reduce equipment downtime, and lower operating costs. In that time, we have become a leading manufacturer of Compressed Air Treatment, Air Purifiers, and Gas Generation products used to remove water vapor and contaminant gases from compressed air. We've custom designed and currently manufacture the world's smallest regenerative desiccant air dryer for the pneumatic automation system of a medical equipment OEM. Additionally, we stock a complete line of complimentary Compressed Air Treatment products including Membrane Air DryersRefrigerated Air DryersCompressed Air Filters to remove liquid and solid contaminants, Moisture Indicators, and Humidity Alarms for wet air detection. From our facility in Broomfield Colorado, Altec AIR continues to lead the Compressed Air Treatment market with a broad line of innovative, cost-effective, clean-dry air products, engineering support, and exceptional customer support with an unmatched commitment to quality and service.

Moisture, gases, and contaminants in compressed air can cause a variety of operational problems for equipment and users. Common problems include corrosion of equipment, freezing of outdoor air lines, and contamination of processes and products. This results in increased maintenance, higher operating costs, damaged product and lost production capacity. For these reasons, packages for clean compressed dry air (CDA) are essential for industrial, commercial and laboratory use.

Altec AIR products offer cost-effective solutions for sensitive pneumatics, process, and lab applications. These include: pneumatic automation, nitrogen replacement, HVAC controls, infrared spectroscopy, lasers, continuous emissions monitoring, cryogenics, environmental testing, ozone generation and many other OEM applications requiring pure, dry air.

Altec Air


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