Altec Desiccant Air Dryers

Altec AIR offers a wide selection of regenerative desiccant compressed air dryers. Using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, the Altec AIR regenerative air dryers are designed to maximize the efficiency of the drying process with low velocity air through the desiccant for more efficient drying and large internal air passages to reduce pressure drop.

Ultra-Dry compressed air with dew points to better than -100°F can be achieved. With our selection of MDH Series (0.4 - 3.2 SCFM), VSA Series (2.8 - 12 SCFM), HR Series (3.0 - 50 SCFM), and MHR Series (75 - 3000 SCFM) Desiccant Air Dryers, we can meet your clean dry air needs. Altec AIR desiccant air dryers are dependable, low maintenance and easy to monitor.

Altec Desiccant Air Dryers


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