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MTA Filters

MTA Filters

MTA COMPRESSED AIR and GAS FILTERS Modern industrial processes are reaching higher levels of sophistication, and their compressed air networks require higher air quality levels.  Poor filtration can increase downtime, increase maintenance costs, interrupt production and damage finished goods.  MTA’s filters avoid these undesired consequences by providing guaranteed high efficiency filtration in harsh condition Standard Features Aluminum Housing with DURACHROM treatment. DURACHROM is a chrome surface on the inside and outside of the filter.  Also a high temperature degreasing, antioxidation treatment is added to ensure durability. (HEF- Series) Reinforced Filter Media HEF Filters include housing, element, internal drain and differential pressure indicator or gauge. Four filtration grades available: Pre-filter (3 micron) Coalescing (1 micron) Coalescing (0.01 micron) Activated Carbon Standard pressure rating of 100 PSIG , 100°F inlet air temperature and 100°F ambient CLEANFIT element installation: CLEANFIT (standard on HEF005-150) greatly simplifies element substitution. Simply place the element in the bowl and screw the bowl onto the head; the element will position itself into its guide in the head, with an O-ring ensuring a tight fit. The advantages are multiple: No dirty hands – Used elements are covered in oil; with CLEANFIT there is no need to touch the element itself during substitution. Quick substitution – CLEANFIT drastically reduces the time needed to substitute an element. Reduced installation space – Given that CLEANFIT does not require a tie-rod, so the space required below the filter is notably reduced. PureTec can thus be installed in very limited spaces. Audible warning – An orifice within the filter housing itself warns the User if the bowl has not been tightened enough during element substitution, or if the bowl is being removed whilst the filter is still under pressure. Multiple installation kits – A complete range of accessories and kits ensures that PureTec can easily be installed in all situations. Designed for the vigors of industrial use – The durable housing and quality elements ensure years of optimum filtration in even the most harsh conditions.


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