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2" Dry Gauge ABS Case 0-200 psi Back Mount 1/4" NPT, PN: DABS-B20-200

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Product Description for DABS-B20-200 Utility Gauge

At Compressed Air Advisors Online, Inc. we recognize the importance of accurate and reliable instrumentation in managing and monitoring industrial systems. The DABS-B20-200 Utility Gauge is an exemplary tool crafted to measure various industrial applications precisely, including air, water, oil, and other non-corrosive media.

Key Features:

  1. Durability and Compatibility: The DABS-B20-200 is a dry-type utility gauge known for its durability, making it suitable for air, water, oil, and any other medium that is not corrosive to brass.
  2. ABS Corrosion Resistant Case with Acrylic Bezel: The gauge is encased in an ABS material known for its corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity and reliability in harsh industrial environments.
  3. Copper Alloy Wetted Parts: This feature guarantees durability and consistency in performance, especially in varied industrial settings.
  4. Plastic Lens: Using a plastic lens in the design contributes to the gauge's robustness and clarity.
  5. Accuracy: Adhering to ASME B40.1 Grade B standards, the gauge delivers 3-2-3% span accuracy, ensuring precise readings.
  6. Ambient Temperature Range: The DABS-B20-200 can operate effectively in environments ranging from -50°F to 160°F, accommodating a broad spectrum of industrial applications.
  7. Dual Scale: Featuring a dual scale of PSI/Bar (x 100=kPa), the gauge provides versatile reading options, catering to various industrial needs and preferences.
  8. ASME B40.100 Standard Compliance: The design and functionality of the DABS-B20-200 meet or exceed the ASME B40.100 Pressure Gauge Standard, assuring its quality and reliability.

Conclusion: The DABS-B20-200 Utility Gauge is an indispensable tool for any industrial setting that values accuracy, reliability, and durability in its instrumentation. Its versatility in measuring various media and adherence to industry standards make it an ideal choice for diverse industrial applications.