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Chicago Pneumatic 60 lb. Pneumatic Breaker 4-Bolt High Performance - CP 1260

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Style: 1-1/8” X 6”


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Unleash the BEAST: CP 1260 and CP 1290 Demolition Tools - The Titans of Takedown!

Hey, you! Yes, you, the one searching for Demolition Tools that don't just meet the standard but SET IT. Listen up, because I've got something for the Real Players in construction and plant maintenance. The name is CP 1260 and CP 1290, and these tools are the Giants of Demolition. Brought to you by the legendary Chicago Pneumatic, we're talking about gear so good, they practically do the job for you.

Power and Durability? It's not a feature; it's a Guarantee!

Are you dealing with Heavy and Reinforced Concrete, frozen ground, or asphalt? You name it, these bad boys demolish it. And when I say demolish, I mean say good-bye and never look back. Their alloy steel forgings are not just durable; they're your fortress against the wear and tear of rugged use.

Four-Bolt Backhead Design? Bulletproof!

You think you know rugged? Wait until you experience our Four-Bolt Backhead Design. This baby can withstand anything you throw at it. It's like the Superman of Construction Equipment.

Continuous Lubrication? We Got That!

Say hello to the Integral Oiler—your silent partner that keeps the machine running smooth while you conquer the construction world. It's not just an add-on; it's your ticket to longevity!

Polyurethane Front Headsprings? Your Comfort, Our Command!

Our Durable Polyurethane Front Headsprings do more than just last; they reduce the reaction back to YOU, the operator. Because let's face it, you're the real asset here.

Reversible Piston? Say Goodbye to High Maintenance Costs!

Our Reversible Piston is not a feature; it's a revolution. It significantly reduces your maintenance cost because we know your time is money, and we're saving you both.

Maneuverability? A Walk in The Park!

Our Air Inlet Swivel isn't just good; it's a game-changer. It brings maneuverability right to your fingertips, making those tight spots a walk in the park.

Want it Quiet? We Got Silencers!

That's right; the CP 1260 S and CP 1290 S models come equipped with Silencers because sometimes the best loudness is silence.

Vibration-Reduced Handle? We Call it the SVR!

Last but not least, the Vibration Reduced Handle, available on the CP 1260 SVR and CP 1290 SVR, takes user comfort to a whole new level.

So, what are you waiting for?

Don't just be part of the game; OWN IT. Click that BUY NOW button and get ready to experience demolition like you've never seen before. Be the trendsetter; be the BOSS with the CP 1260 and CP 1290 from Chicago Pneumatic.

Seal the deal now, because the best never wait!

CP 1260 - 60 pound class - air consumption at 90 PSI: 63 CFM

Model Standard Hex Chuck Size (IN)
Retainer Type Air Inlet (IN) Length (IN) Weight (LB)
Part No
CP 1260 11/8 x 6 Latch 3/4" NPT 27
CP 1260 S 11/8 x 6 Latch 3/4" NPT 27
CP 1260 SVR 11/8 x 6 Latch 3/4" NPT 29 75
CP 1260 11/4 x 6 Latch 3/4" NPT 27 64
CP 1260 S 11/4 x 6  Latch 3/4" NPT 27 65
CP 1260 SVR 11/4 x 6 Latch 3/4" NPT 29 75 890003032