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Clean Resources - IDC-500 CFM Oil/Water Separator System

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CRP Series 500 – 2000

Clean Resources CRP Oil-Water Separator System

Clean Resources CRP 500 – 2000 Series: The Pinnacle of Molecular Filtration

Introducing the next generation of oil-water separators from Clean Resources, the CRP 500 – 2000 Series. Engineered for superior performance, this series surpasses its predecessor, the IDC Series, with cutting-edge advancements designed to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for air compressor condensate discharge.

Key Features:

CRP-PAKs: Advanced Filtration Technology

  • Enhanced Inlet Manifold: The CRP-PAKs feature an innovative manifold that replaces the traditional inlet hub, offering increased versatility and performance. The manifold is compression-fit to the container, ensuring precise filtration control. It accommodates up to twelve inlet lines—double the capacity of the previous models—supporting six ¼″ and six ½″ lines for diverse industrial applications.

  • Maintenance-Free and Mold-Resistant: Designed for longevity and ease of use, the CRP-PAKs require no maintenance, eliminating the need for messy bag change-outs. The mold-resistant construction ensures the system remains clean and efficient over its lifespan.

  • Pre-Plumbed Timer Drain: A built-in timer drain activates every twelve hours, delivering a burst of air that enhances the free flow of condensate through the alumina silicate substrate media bed, optimizing filtration performance.

  • Antimicrobial Discharge Hub: The redesigned discharge hub now includes an antimicrobial pouch that sanitizes the discharge fluid, preventing mold and algae growth. This feature ensures the discharge hose remains clean, minimizing the risk of flow restrictions.

Environmental Compliance:

EPA Compliance Made Simple

The CRP Oil-Water Separator System ensures your compressor room remains EPA-compliant. The advanced filtration system effectively separates oil from water, making it a reliable solution for managing compressor condensate discharge.

Additional Benefits:

  • Easy Recycling and Disposal: All registered units qualify for free recycling, contributing to environmentally responsible practices. Alternatively, the units can be disposed of as non-hazardous special waste in accordance with state and local regulations. To recycle, simply enter the unit's serial number and complete the form at

  • System Monitoring Services: Our comprehensive system monitoring services and cradle-to-grave warranty provide peace of mind, ensuring your filtration system operates at peak efficiency throughout its service life.

Why Choose Clean Resources CRP 500 – 2000 Series?

  • Innovative Design: With significant updates over the IDC Series, the CRP 500 – 2000 Series stands as the most advanced line of oil-water separators available.
  • Cost-Effective: The CRP-PAKs offer a convenient and cost-effective method to maintain EPA compliance without the hassle of ongoing maintenance.
  • Reliable Performance: Built to last, these separators deliver reliable performance, ensuring your compressor room remains compliant and efficient.

Invest in the Clean Resources CRP Oil-Water Separator System today and experience the next level of molecular filtration technology. Keep your operations compliant, efficient, and environmentally responsible with the industry’s leading solution for oil-water separation.

Optimize Your Compressor Room Now – Contact Us for More Information!

Ensure your compressor room remains compliant and efficient with the Clean Resources CRP Oil-Water Separator System. For more details and to place an order, visit Compressed Air Advisors Online.

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