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FS Curtis DA-230E - 30 CFM Modular Desiccant Air Dryer

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FS Curtis DA-230E - 30 CFM Modular Desiccant Air Dryer

Presenting the FS Curtis DA-230E, a 30 CFM Modular Desiccant Air Dryer that exemplifies simplicity and performance for industrial compressed air systems. The DA Series air dryers provide an efficient solution to achieving dry compressed air, vital for various applications across different industries.

Engineered for Versatility:

Designed to integrate with any compressor type, including piston, scroll, rotary vane, or rotary screw technologies, the DA-230E is particularly well-suited for tank-mounted reciprocating air compressors that operate without an aftercooler, handling inlet temperatures up to 150°F.

High-Quality Air Output:

This dryer excels in delivering high-quality compressed air with pressure dew points reaching as low as -40°F. Choose the DA-230E when your work demands the most precise and clean air possible, free from detrimental contaminants such as oil, water, and particulates.

Economic and Ecological Benefits:

Not only does the DA-230E reduce energy consumption, but it also prolongs the life of pneumatic devices and avoids interruptions in productivity due to equipment failures or unnecessary rework. This series is tailored to lower operating costs and maintenance for operations like:

  • Paint/foam spraying
  • Sand/shot blasting
  • Air tools
  • Vehicle wash stations
  • ...and more, where clean, dry air is non-negotiable.

Durability Meets Flexibility:

Conforming to NEMA 4 Standards for outdoor use, the DA-230E can withstand harsh conditions, especially with an optional heater package for colder climates. Its modular design permits fast and straightforward serviceability and expansion as needed.

Easy Installation and Service:

With universal wall mounting brackets included, the DA-230E can be installed on walls or directly on compressors, providing a convenient and space-saving drying solution. Maintenance is hassle-free, with desiccant cartridges that can be replaced in minutes, minimizing downtime.

Environmentally Conscious:

The DA-230E stands out as an environmentally responsible choice, using no refrigerants and boasting the lowest operational and maintenance costs among regenerative air dryers.

Key Features:

  • 30 CFM capacity perfect for a wide range of industrial applications
  • Modular, compact design for seamless integration and expansion
  • Heatless desiccant technology ensuring energy-efficient drying
  • Inbuilt particulate after filter for consistently clean air output
  • High inlet temperature capacity for versatile installation options

Recommended Additional Protection:

  • Coalescing Prefilter with an automatic drain to enhance the quality of air before drying

Equip your operation with the FS Curtis DA-230E Modular Desiccant Air Dryer and secure the provision of dry, high-quality compressed air, boosting the efficiency and reliability of your air-dependent processes.



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