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FS-Curtis NxB11 Ultra Pack - 15hp Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Air Compressor, 80 Gallon Receiver Tank, Refrigerated Air Dryer, Pre- Filter

Original price $19,424.00
Original price $19,424.00 - Original price $20,585.00
Original price $19,424.00
Current price $14,762.00
$14,762.00 - $15,644.00
Current price $14,762.00
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Voltage: Tri Voltage / 3Ph
Pressure: 63 CFM @ 100 PSI
Controller: Basic - iCommand


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FS-Curtis NxB11 Ultra Pack - The Ultimate 15hp Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Air Compressor

At Compressed Air Advisors Online, Inc., we understand the critical nature of reliable and efficient compressed air solutions. That's why we are proud to offer the FS-Curtis NxB11 Ultra Pack. This 15hp fixed speed rotary screw air compressor is designed for those who require stable air pressure, steady airflow, and quiet operation without compromising on power and efficiency.

Quiet, Efficient, and Built for Continuous-Duty

The FS-Curtis NxB11 Ultra Pack excels in delivering continuous-duty performance with significantly less noise and vibration, thanks to eCool™ Technology and advanced vibration isolators. This makes it a perfect fit for automotive workshops, light industrial applications, or any environment where space is at a premium and noise levels are a concern.

Intuitive and Easy to Service

Equipped with the iCommand-Basic electronic controller and designed with heavy-duty piping and O-ring seals, the compressor offers leak-free operation and intuitive controls, simplifying both use and service for the operator.

Superior Design with eCool™ Technology

FS-Curtis's proprietary eCool™ Technology ensures the critical components are protected from heat, significantly extending the life of the compressor components and reducing downtime for your operations.

Durable Components and Thoughtful Engineering

Featuring a powder-coat painted enclosure, spin-on oil filter and air/oil separator, and an air cooled oil cooler & aftercooler, the NxB11 is built with quality components ensuring dependable performance. Its design includes a multi-function oil valve and factory-filled synthetic lubricant to enhance the unit's longevity and performance.

Electrics Made to Last

Outfitted with a Premium Efficiency TEFC (IP55) motor and NEMA-1 electric panel, the FS-Curtis NxB11 ensures optimal electrical performance. The inclusion of a Wye-Delta motor starter and a 115/18V control voltage transformer highlights the commitment to durability and efficiency.

The NxGEN Warranty - Your Assurance of Quality

The confidence we have in the FS-Curtis NxB11 is backed by the NxGEN Warranty, offering a five-year warranty on major components and an outstanding ten-year airend warranty. Registration and maintenance with FS-Curtis Genuine Parts & Lubricants solidify this commitment to your long-term satisfaction.

Discover the FS-Curtis NxB11 Ultra Pack Difference

The FS-Curtis NxB11 Ultra Pack is not just a piece of equipment; it's a backbone for businesses that rely on high-quality compressed air. With an 80 gallon receiver tank, refrigerated air dryer, and pre-filter, this system is ready to provide efficient, reliable service right out of the box.

When your operation demands robust performance, quiet operation, and dependable service, choose the FS-Curtis NxB11 Ultra Pack from Compressed Air Advisors Online. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a compressor designed for the challenges of today's industries.

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