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FS-Curtis NxB15 Ultra Pack - 20hp Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Air Compressor, 80 Gallon Receiver Tank, Refrigerated Air Dryer, Pre- Filter

Original price $22,851.00
Original price $22,851.00 - Original price $24,012.00
Original price $22,851.00
Current price $17,366.00
$17,366.00 - $18,249.00
Current price $17,366.00
Save $5,763.00 Save $5,485.00
Voltage: Tri Voltage / 3Ph
Pressure: 82 CFM @ 100 PSI
Controller: Basic - iCommand


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FS-Curtis NxB15 Ultra Pack - The Industrious 20hp Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Compressed Air Advisors Online, Inc., a trusted name in industrial air compressor sales, is proud to introduce the FS-Curtis NxB15 Ultra Pack. This 20hp fixed speed rotary screw air compressor comes fully equipped with an 80 Gallon Receiver Tank, Refrigerated Air Dryer, and Pre-Filter, ensuring that your operation has access to clean, dry, stable air when you need it most.

Engineered for Quiet, Efficient Operation

In an industry where efficiency and quiet operation are as valuable as the air we compress, the FS-Curtis NxB15 stands apart. Designed for 100% continuous duty, this unit is a workhorse that produces less noise and vibration than traditional reciprocating compressors, thanks to eCool™ Technology and robust vibration isolators. It is an excellent choice for applications in the automotive and light industrial sectors where performance and a quiet work environment are critical.

Intelligent Design for Unrivaled Reliability

The NxB15 is not just a product; it's a solution. It's equipped with a user-friendly iCommand-Basic electronic controller, offering intuitive operation and easy serviceability. Leak-free design with heavy-duty piping and O-ring seals enhance its reliability and ensure that your compressed air system runs optimally with minimal maintenance.

Advanced Features for Superior Performance

FS-Curtis doesn't compromise on quality, and the NxB15 is a testament to that commitment. It features washable cabinet pre-filtration panels, a built-in heavy-duty air intake filter, and a spin-on oil filter and air/oil separator. These features work in unison to deliver superior air quality with less oil carryover.

Robust Electrical Components for Continuous Service

The NxB15's electrical system is designed to match the quality of its mechanical components. A Premium Efficiency TEFC (IP55) motor pairs with a NEMA-1 electric panel and Wye-Delta motor starter. The included 115/18V control voltage transformer ensures stable electrical operation under a variety of conditions.

The NxGEN Warranty - Commitment to Excellence

FS-Curtis stands confidently behind the NxB15 with the NxGEN Warranty, featuring a five-year warranty on major components and a ten-year airend warranty. By using only FS-Curtis Genuine Parts & Lubricants and adhering to the recommended maintenance schedule, you can rest assured that your investment is protected.

Experience the FS-Curtis NxB15 Ultra Pack Difference

When your operation demands not just air, but air delivered with efficiency, reliability, and peace of mind, choose the FS-Curtis NxB15 Ultra Pack. Available through Compressed Air Advisors Online where expertise meets exceptional customer service, the NxB15 is ready to become the backbone of your compressed air needs.

Elevate your operations with the FS-Curtis NxB15 Ultra Pack and feel the difference that comes from a compressor engineered for the demands of modern industry.

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