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FS-Curtis Pump Model D97 Maintenance Kit, PN: FSK-C8910SK

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FS-Curtis Pump Model D97 Maintenance Kit, PN: FSK-C8910SK

The Gold Standard in Compressor Pump Maintenance

A One-Stop Maintenance Solution Tailored for the D97 Pump Model

When it comes to maintaining air compressor pumps, skimping on quality is not an option. Ensure the longevity and efficiency of your FS-Curtis D97 pump with our specialized Maintenance Kit, part number FSK-C8910SK. This all-inclusive kit is designed for a comprehensive service intervention at least every 1000 hours, making it a turnkey solution for your D97 model maintenance needs.

What's Included:

High-Efficiency Filter Element

1 x FVA1121 Filter Element 1-1/2 – Designed to offer optimal filtration, this premium filter element effectively captures airborne particulates, thereby extending the lifespan of your D97 pump and ensuring its peak efficiency.

Premium-Quality Lubricant

3 x FSC-1000QT 1 Quart Recip Oil – This specialized lubricant is perfect for your D97 pump, offering both oxidative and thermal stability. Protect your pump’s moving components with FSC-1000, specifically formulated for reciprocating compressors.

Key Features:

Simplified Maintenance Routine

Including both lubricant and air filter for one full service, this maintenance kit makes it simple and convenient to keep your FS-Curtis D97 pump in top condition, adhering to the 1000-hour service schedule.

Adaptability to Conditions

The recommended 1000-hour service interval can vary depending on location and environment. This kit offers the flexibility you need to tailor your maintenance schedule to your specific operating conditions.

OEM-Certified Excellence

For the peace of mind that comes with OEM-certified components, look no further. Every element of this kit is guaranteed to integrate flawlessly with your D97 pump, ensuring uninterrupted performance and longevity.

Don't jeopardize the performance and durability of your FS-Curtis D97 pump. Make a wise investment today in the FS-Curtis Pump Model D97 Maintenance Kit, PN: FSK-C8910SK. This kit provides everything you need for a comprehensive service routine. Add it to your cart today and make your next maintenance cycle as efficient as it can be.