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Powerex SLAE075- 7.5hp Oil-Less Scroll Air Compressor Bare Pump, 116 PSI

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Presenting the Powerex SLAE075 - 7.5hp Oil-Less Scroll Air Compressor Bare Pump: Your Key to Enhanced Efficiency at 116 PSI!

Are you in search of an industrial air compressor that combines power, precision, and environmental responsibility? Look no further than the Powerex SLAE075. This 7.5hp Oil-Less Scroll Air Compressor Bare Pump, operating at a reliable 116 PSI, is your ultimate solution.

Unparalleled Power and Precision: The Powerex SLAE075 is engineered to elevate your industrial operations to new heights. With a robust 7.5hp motor, it delivers consistent and dependable compressed air, ensuring that your machinery and processes run seamlessly.

Elevated Efficiency, Reduced Costs: Experience a revolution in efficiency with this oil-less scroll air compressor. Its innovative design not only reduces energy consumption but also minimizes maintenance needs, resulting in lower operational costs while maximizing productivity.

Built for Endurance: Crafted with precision engineering and using premium materials, the Powerex SLAE075 is a testament to longevity. It's built to endure the harshest industrial conditions, offering you peace of mind and reliability for years to come.

Adaptable to Your Needs: This bare pump is highly versatile and can be customized to suit your specific requirements. Whether you're integrating it into an existing system or starting from scratch, the Powerex SLAE075 seamlessly adapts, ensuring minimal downtime during the installation process.

Why Choose Powerex? Powerex is a name synonymous with quality and innovation in the compressed air industry. When you invest in the Powerex SLAE075 7.5hp Oil-Less Scroll Air Compressor Bare Pump, you're putting your trust in a brand known for pushing the boundaries of excellence.

Elevate your industrial operations today with the Powerex SLAE075. It's not just an air compressor; it's a transformational tool for your business. Experience the power of precision, efficiency, and longevity. Trust in Powerex.

Don't miss out on the chance to revolutionize your operations. Contact Compressed Air Advisors now to discover how the Powerex SLAE075 can enhance your business.

Ready to unlock superior productivity? Get your Powerex SLAE075 7.5hp Oil-Less Scroll Air Compressor Bare Pump today!

The scroll pump has few moving parts making it reliable and easier to maintain. The self lubricating tip seals and absence of a gearbox means the pump is truly 100% oil free. As the leaders in scroll pump technology, our latest design incorporates several innovative features:

• Main bearings are housed in durable cast iron instead of aluminum which prevents fretting and premature failure of the bearing race. This pump can be operated at 100% duty with confidence.

• The patented bearing re-grease feature has been improved to allow maintenance from the front side of the pump, cutting service time in half.

• The patented tip seal design yields the highest flow rates and longevity of any other dry scroll compressor.

• The improved efficiency and cooling results in lower operating temperatures.

• Extremely low vibration.

• Industry first 10hp scroll pump improves system efficiency by producing more output using fewer pumps.

Note: 7.5hp and 10hp are only available in 116 PSI