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Schulz of America SMH-150-UP-TD - 147 CFM High Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer, 115V/1Ph

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Schulz of America SMH-150-UP-TD: The Ultimate 147 CFM High Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer

Hey there, compressed air enthusiasts! Are you tired of messing around with inefficient, bulky air dryers? Are you looking for a solution that's not just powerful but also smart? Look no further! Introducing the Schulz of America SMH-150-UP-TD, a 147 CFM High Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer that's a game-changer in the industry.

Elevate Your Performance

First things first, let's talk about efficiency. Schulz SMH High Temp Dryers are a two-for-one deal. They eliminate the need for a separate aftercooler and moisture separators, conserving not only valuable floor space but also your precious time. That means less equipment to install, fewer headaches, and guess what? More money in your pocket!

Unbeatable Standard Features

Let's dive into what this beast offers:

  • Built-in Aftercooler Circuit with Separate Drain: No need for separate cooling, we've got you covered.
  • Lower Pressure Drops: More efficient operation, less waste. Time to pump those numbers up!
  • Energy Efficient Refrigeration Compressors: We're talking about lower energy bills without sacrificing performance.
  • Sub-70 db(A) Sound Levels: Your operation stays as quiet as a library.
  • MC Electronic Controllers: The brain of the operation, ensuring that each dryer runs like a well-oiled machine.

Built for Extreme Conditions

Here's the kicker: unlike other dryers that wilt under the heat, the Schulz SMH is designed to handle up to 194°F inlet air temperatures and operate in a scorching 113°F ambient conditions. That's what I call robust! No more need to upsize the dryer for those high temps!

Why Choose Us?

At Compressed Air Advisors Online, we're not just sellers; we're experts. With premium brands like Schulz, Chicago Pneumatic, and many more, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Don't Settle for Less, Invest in the Best!

Stop dilly-dallying. Take action now and elevate your compressed air game to new heights with the Schulz of America SMH-150-UP-TD. Because in this industry, the sky is not the limit; it's just the beginning!

Order yours now and experience the future of compressed air technology!