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SPX Hankison HDF4, 30 CFM Single Tower Desiccant Dryer, 1/2" NPT

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Optimal Performance

Removing water, oil, and dirt from compressed air will increase the output
and add to your bottom line.
• Produce pressure dew points as low as -40°F (-40°C)
• Rugged powder-painted, corrosion-resistant aluminum housing which can
be installed in-line
• Charge of silica gel desiccant adsorbs moisture from the compressed air
• Desiccant change-out indicator offers convenient monitoring of
desiccant condition
• Desiccant change-out indicator turns color from blue to white
• Integrated 15 micron cleanable dust filter
• Optional HDF-F Oil Pre-filtration Package:
>> HF Series Grade 5 oil filter to 0.01 ppm (0.01 mg/m3) remaining oil content

Increase Your Return On Investment
Paint rejects create significant costs to body shops in labor, materials, and
through-put delays. These costs can be eliminated by installing an HDF
Series air treatment system. The savings in the purchase of extra unthinned
color-coat paints, thinners, and hardeners will rapidly repay the investment.

How it Works:
Contaminated compressed air enters the oil prefilter housing and flows from the inside of the element to the outside of the element. The filter element should be changed when the filter element change-out indicator changes from the color green to the color red during usage. Water and oil condensate fall to the bottom of the housing where it is discharged by the automatic drain. The filtered compressed air exits the filter outlet port. The compressed air enters the desiccant dryer housing and flows downward through a bed of silica gel
desiccant. As the desiccant bed gets saturated, the color of the desiccant change-out indicator changes from blue to white. At the bottom of the housing, the compressed air flows upwards through an integrated dust filter and into an outlet air stem which takes it to the outlet port of the dryer housing.

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