Tsunami - 2 Tower - Dust Collector Regenerative Dryer with 60 Gallon Tank, PN: 21999-1031

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Tsunami’s world-class drying technology is configured specifically for dust collectors to offer a clean air package designed to maximize system performance and reduce operating costs like nothing before.

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Increase bag life by up to 70%: Dew points down to -40°F eliminate cake build-up on bags caused by humid air and moisture from supercooling, resulting in lower differential pressure and longer bag life.

Reduce carbon footprint: More effective and less frequent pulsing saves companies thousands in generating compressed air.

Extend equipment life: Ultra dry air stops corrosion and can extend the life of pulse valves and prevents freeze up in cold environments.

Plumb and Play: Tsunami dryers are built as complete packages and come ready to plumb directly into your system.

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