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Champion D10 - 10hp Rotary Screw AIr Compressor, Base Mounted, 39 CFM @ 145 PSI

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SKU D10-B-200/3
Voltage: 200V/3Ph


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Champion D10 - 10hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor, Base Mounted: The Colossal Powerhouse You've Been Waiting For

Crush Mediocrity and Opt for Supreme Efficiency

Listen, if you're here, you're not looking for average. You're looking for a MONSTER that dominates the compressed air game. Well, folks, look no further—the Champion D10 - 10hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor is the epitome of what a top-performing air compressor should be. This isn't your run-of-the-mill equipment. This is a business accelerator on steroids!

Power-Packed Performance—No Compromises

Still not convinced? Here’s what sets this behemoth apart:

  1. Rotary Screw Technology: A league of its own, delivering a monumental 39 CFM at 145 PSI.

  2. Base Mounted: Flexibility is the name of the game. Fit this into your existing setup seamlessly.

  3. 10 Horsepower: Ten. Freaking. Horsepower. It’s the Michael Jordan of air compressors—no cap.

The D Series Advantage—Innovation Meets Reliability

What you don't know can cost you, so get this: D Series compressors feature innovative integrated airend designs. We're talking reduced connection points, skyrocketing reliability, and insane serviceability. Less is more—the reduced component design extends to the oil and air cooler. This combination cooler slashes energy consumption and keeps the discharge air temperatures low. With all these advantages, you're looking at a masterpiece in both performance and reliability.

Small Footprint, Big Impact

The D Series brings an additional perk to the table: its small footprint. This means you're saving space while gaining performance and reliability—a triple win.

Quiet Operation for Demanding Environments

Hold on, it gets better. The D Series is specifically engineered to operate at a 100% duty cycle. Need constant, compressed air? You got it. And what about noise, you ask? Forget it—the D Series operates at as low as 64 dBA, making it ideal for 24/7 operations close to the point-of-use.

Unbeatable Value—All At An Affordable Price

Yeah, you heard me right. All this and it's still affordable. You're not just buying an air compressor; you're making an investment that pays off big time.

The Compressed Air Advisors Guarantee

We're not just talking the talk here. At Compressed Air Advisors, we stand by the products we sell. We know air compressors inside out, so you’re getting nothing but the best.

You Know What To Do

Enough said. If you want your business to operate like a well-oiled machine, there’s only one move left—Buy Now. Turn your workspace into a productivity powerhouse with the Champion D10 - 10hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor.


Model D10
Delivery 39 SCFM @ 145 PSI
Starter Fixed Speed
Drive Belt
Controller CSC300
Voltage 200/3, 230/3, 460/3
Noise 65 dba
Mount Base/Air System
Tank 120 Gallon

Champion D10 Base Mounted Configuration

Aftercooler- Air Cooled

Radiator type

Air/Oil Separator

Spin-On Type

Belt Adjustment


Capacity Control

Load/No Load

Compressor Fluid

RotorLub 4000

Compressor Oil Capacity Gal. (liters)

1.0 (3.8)

Control Lines

Corrosion Resistant Tubing

Control Enclosure




Design Codes

QPS Certified to UL Standards

Dimensions* Approx. In.


Discharge Pressure Check Valve


Discharge Connection Size ("NPT)

.75" NPT

Drive Type


AirStation/System Dryer Size


Inlet Air Filter

Heavy Duty


TEFC; CSA Approved

Motor RPM


Oil Cooler

Radiator Type, Air Cooled

Oil Reservoir


Oil Filter

Spin-On Type

Quiet Enclosure (dBA)



Full Voltage

Thermal Mixing Valve



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