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Champion D6 - 5hp Rotary Screw AIr Compressor, Base Mounted, 18 CFM @ 145 PSI

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SKU D6-B-200/3
Voltage: 200V/3Ph


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Champion D6 - 5hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor: Your Unbeatable Asset for Peak Performance

Stop scrolling, folks! When it comes to Industrial Air Compressors, the Champion D6 - 5hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor, Base Mounted, 18 CFM @ 145 PSI is the uncompromising beast you've been searching for. If you want an air compressor that owns its space, delivers consistent, and god-like performance, you've hit the jackpot.

Innovative, Integrated Design

Listen up, it's all about efficiency and power, and this bad boy checks every box. The D Series compressors are game-changers, featuring innovative, integrated airend designs that eliminate needless connection points. You hear that? Fewer connection points mean greater reliability and easier maintenance. It’s not just the airend, folks; this beauty's innovative approach extends into the oil and air cooler, resulting in significant energy consumption reductions. Your operational costs go down, and your performance goes through the roof. That's how you dominate the market.

Superb Reliability & Unmatched Serviceability

We're talking about a machine so robust, you’ll think it's invincible. This air compressor doesn’t just meet industry standards; it sets them. You want reliability? The D Series gives you unmatched system reliability thanks to its combination cooler. You get low discharge air temperatures, which translates into a longer life for your investment. And let’s not forget, this unit’s small footprint makes it easy to install, offering you flexibility without compromise. This isn’t just another appliance; it’s your partner in productivity.

Built for Demanding Environments: 100% Duty Cycle

If your business operates in a demanding environment, and you need an air compressor that can handle the heat, then look no further. Engineered for a 100% duty cycle, the D Series is your workhorse, designed for continuous use where dry, clean, continuous-use compressed air is a non-negotiable. It's like hiring a Navy SEAL for your workshop.

Quiet as a Whisper: Noise Levels as Low as 64 dBA

Concerned about noise? Don't be. This unit's got the manners of a librarian but the heart of a lion. Its enclosed design produces noise levels as low as 64 dBA, allowing your team to focus on what really matters. Place this unit near the point-of-use, and you won’t even know it’s there – except for the unparalleled performance, of course.

Affordable Excellence

Here’s the kicker — all this innovation and performance doesn't break the bank. The Champion D6 is as affordable as it is efficient. So, what are you waiting for? You're not here to participate; you're here to take over. Get your hands on the Champion D6 - 5hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor and start conquering today!

10X your operations. Champion the air compressor game. Dominate with the D Series.

Model D6
Delivery 18 SCFM @ 145 PSI
Starter Fixed Speed
Drive Belt
Controller CSC50
Voltage 230/1, 200/3, 230/3, 460/3
Noise 63 dba
Mount Base

Champion D6 Base Mounted Configuration

Aftercooler- Air Cooled Radiator type
Air/Oil Separator Spin-On Type
Belt Adjustment Manual
Capacity Control Load/No Load
Compressor Fluid RotorLub 4000
Compressor Oil Capacity Gal. (liters) 0.8 (3.0)
Control Lines Corrosion Resistant Tubing
Control Enclosure IP23
Controller CSC50
Design Codes QPS Certified to UL Standards
Dimensions* Approx. In. 34 x 21 x 25
Discharge Pressure Check Valve Minimum
Discharge Connection Size ("NPT) .75" NPT
Drive Type Belt
AirStation/System Dryer Size N/A
Inlet Air Filter Heavy Duty
Motor TEFC; CSA Approved
Motor RPM 1750
Oil Cooler Radiator Type, Air Cooled
Oil Reservoir ASME
Oil Filter Spin-On Type
Quiet Enclosure (dBA) 63
Starter Full Voltage
Thermal Mixing Valve Thermostatic


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