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Champion / Infinity Quick-Lock Aluminum Piping - 32mm - 1.25" Tubing Blue (9 pack- 20' Length) 180ft, PN: PN: 90000LB-6-32 Supersedes PN: C9000-32-AIR-BLUE-PK10

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32mm - 1.25" Tubing Blue (9 pack- 20' Length) 180ft, PN: 90000LB-4-32 Supersedes PN: C9000-32-AIR-BLUE-PK10

The INFINITY piping system for compressed air, vacuum, and inert gases is designed and manufactured by Aignep. This product line was born in 2000 to meet the growing needs of the market, innovating a new piping system as a better, more efficient solution to traditional iron piping. The unique technology of push-in fittings has now been implemented for all diameters. This limits the use of heavy, expensive and labor-intensive tools for installation, while maintaining a robust, safe, all-metal piping system. MADE IN ITALY.

Main advantages
- Easy Push-in Fittings
- Simple, Quick And Safe Installations
- Energy Efficient And Eco-friendly
- Full Metal System From Ø 20mm to Ø 168mm
- Patented Water Trapping System

Industries Served
- Distribution Centers
- General Manufacturing
- Food & Beverage
- Packaging Facilities
- Automotive Manufacturing
- Machine Shops
- Steel Production
- Auto Service Facilities


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