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Chicago Pneumatic CPS 110 KD 8 T4F Diesel Portable Air Compressor, Kubota D90 25hp, 110 CFM, PN: 8162061086

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The Powerhouse: Chicago Pneumatic CPS 110 KD 8 T4F Portable Compressor w/ Kubota D90 (8162061086)

Listen up, folks! If you're tired of dealing with subpar compressors that fail you when you need them the most, you're at the right place. Introducing the Chicago Pneumatic CPS 110 KD 8 T4F Portable Compressor equipped with the top-of-the-line Kubota D90 engine. This beast is designed to maximize your productivity and minimize your downtime. Don't just settle; go for the gold standard!

Standard Configuration:

110% Spill Free Containment with Remote Drains

This baby is designed for your peace of mind. With spill-free containment and convenient remote drains, we’re talking about a true game-changer in industrial air compressors.

Kubota D902 Tier 4 Final 25hp Mechanical Diesel Engine

Got a big job that demands massive power? Don't worry, the Kubota D902 Tier 4 Final engine has got your back with its 25 hp. We’re talking maximum efficiency and starter protection to keep your operation running smooth!

Thermal By-Pass Valve & Anti-Airlock System

Say goodbye to frustrating start-up problems! With its thermal by-pass valve and anti-airlock system in the fuel lines, you're guaranteed an effortless start every time.

Electrical Shutoff Switch

Safety first! An electrical shutoff switch ensures that you can safely control your unit in any situation.

Polyethylene Canopy & 3 Layer Anti-Corrosion Paint

The robust polyethylene canopy ensures that this compressor is built for heavy-duty applications. The frame comes equipped with 3-layer anti-corrosion paint for that added touch of resilience.

Designed to Reduce Maintenance Time

Get in, get out, and get the job done. With easy access to filters and fluids, this compressor minimizes your maintenance time, letting you focus on what truly matters.

DOT Towing Package

Road lights, 3” pintle towing hitch, torsion axle, VIN, adjustable jack stand, and no brakes – all DOT compliant! Take this portable powerhouse anywhere you need it to be.


  • Model: CPS 110 KD8 T4F
  • Part Number: 8162061086
  • Tier Rating: T4F
  • Flow (cfm): 110
  • Operating Pressure (psi): 100
  • Pressure Range (psi): 58-125
  • Engine: Kubota D90

In Summary

When you invest in the Chicago Pneumatic CPS 110 KD 8 T4F Portable Compressor, you're not just buying an air compressor; you're securing reliability, power, and peace of mind. This is the perfect tool for those who want to dominate their industry. You deserve the best. Make the move now.

Seize the opportunity and elevate your operations. Buy now and experience the undeniable power and reliability of Chicago Pneumatic!

Disclaimer: Always consult the manual for proper usage and safety guidelines.

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