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FS Curtis - Comp Male Elbow90 -3/4", PN: FVA15EJE

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FS Curtis - Comp Male Elbow 90 - 3/4", PN: FVA15EJE

Streamlined Flow in a 90-Degree Turn: The Fitting You Can Trust

An Essential Connector for High-Performance Air Compressor Systems

When it comes to air compressor systems, it's the little things that make the biggest difference. We present to you the FS Curtis Comp Male Elbow 90 - 3/4", part number FVA15EJE, a premium-quality fitting designed for smooth fluid transitions and enhanced system performance.

Key Features:

Precision Engineered Angles

With its 90-degree angle, this comp male elbow is precision-engineered to provide a seamless flow path for your compressed air or fluid. Say goodbye to sharp turns that could lead to turbulence and pressure drops.

Durable Material

Constructed with top-grade materials to ensure longevity and durability, the FVA15EJE can withstand the demanding conditions of industrial applications. This is a fitting you can count on for extended periods of use.

Secure Fit, Every Time

Thanks to its robust design and 3/4" size, this comp male elbow ensures a secure fit, minimizing the risk of leaks and maintaining the efficiency of your air compressor system.

OEM-Certified Quality

As an OEM-certified component, the FS Curtis Comp Male Elbow 90 - 3/4" offers you the assurance of a product that meets the highest industry standards. Keep your system fully integrated with components that are guaranteed to fit and function perfectly.

For an air compressor system that’s as reliable as it is efficient, look no further than the FS Curtis Comp Male Elbow 90 - 3/4", PN: FVA15EJE. Providing a secure, durable connection and optimized flow angles, this is the fitting that brings it all together. Add it to your cart today for a significantly more efficient and reliable air compressor system.