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FS Curtis - DA Series MLT 115V Switch Timer

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FS Curtis - DA Series MLT 115V Switch Timer Replacement

Discover the essential component for maintaining your FS Curtis DA Series Modular Desiccant Dryers – the FS Curtis MLT 115V Switch Timer Replacement. This precise timing instrument is at the heart of your desiccant dryer's performance, ensuring optimal operational efficiency and reliability.

Intelligent Cycle Management:

At the core of the MLT 115V Switch Timer is a Micro Logic Timer (MLT), which is designed to meticulously manage the regeneration cycles of your desiccant dryer. By expertly energizing and de-energizing the air control valve at precise intervals, the MLT maintains the dryer’s performance and efficiency.

Optimized Regeneration:

Upon initial power-up, the MLT embarks on a startup sequence featuring four ten-second cycle intervals. This crucial step ensures that your desiccant dryer is primed and ready for operation. Following this sequence, the MLT transitions to its regular cycling every two minutes, a critical feature for maintaining the longevity and effectiveness of your compressed air system.

Easy Integration:

Engineered for seamless compatibility, this 115V Switch Timer is specifically designed for the FS Curtis DA Series, making it a straightforward replacement part that restores your system to its original state of precision without any complex retrofitting.

Features and Benefits:

  • Micro Logic Timer (MLT) technology for accurate cycle regulation
  • Initial ten-second cycle intervals for efficient start-up
  • Standard two-minute intervals for consistent operation
  • Designed to match FS Curtis DA Series specifications
  • Promotes energy efficiency and reduces wear on components

Commitment to Quality:

As industry professionals, we understand that every component of your compressed air system matters. That's why we ensure that the FS Curtis MLT 115V Switch Timer meets the highest standards of quality and compatibility.

Upgrade or maintain your FS Curtis Desiccant Dryers with the MLT 115V Switch Timer, and safeguard the continuity and efficiency of your compressed air operations. For expert advice and a selection of premium manufacturers, trust Compressed Air Advisors Online, Inc to deliver solutions that keep your systems at peak performance.