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FS-Curtis Pump Model C98 Maintenance Kit, PN: FSK-C9810SK

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FS-Curtis Pump Model D98 Maintenance Kit, PN: FSK-C9810SK

Your Comprehensive Solution for Routine Compressor Care

All-Inclusive Maintenance Kit: Extend Pump Life and Maximize Efficiency

The maintenance of air compressor pumps is not to be taken lightly. For those who understand the value of sustained performance and long-term reliability, the FS-Curtis Pump Model D98 Maintenance Kit, part number FSK-C9810SK, is the non-negotiable choice. Recommended for service intervals of every 1000 hours, this kit offers a streamlined solution for your maintenance needs, specially tailored to the unique demands of the D98 pump model.

What's Included:

Premium Filter Element

1 x FVA1129 Filter Element - This top-grade filter element is engineered to capture contaminants, ensuring that your compressor pump operates at peak efficiency. A clean filter is crucial for optimal air quality and system longevity.

High-Performance Lubricant

6 x FSC-1000QT 1 Quart Recip Oil - High-quality lubricant designed to keep your D98 pump running smoothly. The FSC-1000 oil offers exceptional oxidative and thermal stability, reducing wear and tear on moving parts.

Key Features:

Easy Routine Maintenance

With lubricant and air filter included for one complete service, this maintenance kit simplifies the upkeep of your FS-Curtis D98 pump, ensuring that you can easily adhere to the 1000-hour service guideline.

Environmentally Adaptive

While the recommended service interval is 1000 hours, it is advisable to adjust this frequency based on your specific location and environment. This kit provides the flexibility to adapt to different operating conditions.

OEM-Certified Components

Guaranteed to fit and function seamlessly with your D98 pump, all components in this kit are OEM-certified, maintaining the integrity and performance of your system.

Don’t compromise on the long-term health and performance of your FS-Curtis D98 pump. Invest in the FS-Curtis Pump Model D98 Maintenance Kit, PN: FSK-C9810SK, and ensure your system runs like clockwork, service after service. Add it to your cart today to make your next maintenance cycle a breeze.