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Hankison Float Drain for Compressed Air Filters PN: 3152270

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This is an OEM float drain that comes in Hankison Filters Listed Below.  Thread Size is 9/16 in NPT

For Use with Mfr. Model Numbers:

F02-CF-T, F02-HF-DP1, F02-PF-DP1, F02-SF-DP1, F03-CF-T, F03-HF-DP1, F03-PF-DP1, F03-SF-DP1, F04-CF-T, F04-HF-DP1, F04-PF-DP1, F04-SF-DP1, F06-CF-T, F06-HF-DP1, F06-PF-DP1, F06-SF-DP1, F07-CF-T, F07-HF-DP1, F07-PF-DP1, F07-SF-DP1, F08-CF-T, F08-HF-DG1, F08-PF-DG1, F08-SF-DG1, F10-CF-T, F10-HF-DG1, F10-PF-DG1, F10-SF-DG1, F11-CF-T, F11-HF-DG1, F11-PF-DG1, F11-SF-DG1, F12-CF-T, F12-HF-DG1, F12-PF-DG1, F12-SF-DG1, F13-HF-XG1, F13-PF-XG1, F13-SF-G1

Also For Use with Grainger Model Numbers:

317H28, 317H29, 317H30, 317H32, 317H33, 317H34, 317H35, 317H37, 317H38, 317H39, 317H40, 317H42, 317H43, 317H44, 317H45, 317H47, 317H48, 317H49, 317H50, 317H52, 317H53, 317H54, 317H55, 317H57, 317H58, 317H59, 317H60, 317H62, 317H63, 317H64, 317H65, 317H67