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Ingersoll Rand - OEM Check Valve for 2545E10-V and 2545E10-VP Compressors, PN: 85582286

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OEM Check Valve for Ingersoll Rand 2545E10-V and 2545E10-VP Compressors – 85582286

85582286 is an OEM check valve from Ingersoll Rand. This valve was used on several Ingersoll Rand reciprocating two stage T30 air compressors.

If air is leaking out of the pressure switch when the compressor is off, the check valve typically needs to be changed out. This results in debris or dirt causing the valve to stay open, letting air from the tank back through the small copper unloader line that connects to the pressure switch. If air leaks from the pressure switch when the compressor is shut off, you should replace the check valve rather than the pressure switch.

A compressor check valve is a one way valve designed to let the compressed air go from the compressor pump into the tank. Check valves allow the air to flow in one direction only, preventing backflow from the tank to the pump. A properly functioning check valve will prevent the compressor from having to start against backpressure, which can otherwise damage the motor and cause strain on the pump.

This check valve will fit the following piston/reciprocating compressors from Ingersoll Rand:

  • 2545E10-V (value model – does not have air cooled aftercooler or auto drain)
  • 2545E10-VP (value plus package model – includes air cooled aftercooler and auto drain)