Suburban 5 HP Tsunami Pure-5MM - 15 CFM-120v PN: 21999-1105

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The newest line to Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions, Pure Series Regenerative Dryers provide the same high quality air as the Ultra Dryer line at a reduced cost. The Pure 5 and Pure 10 systems utilize a simple control system and Tsunami pre-filtration to assure removal of water, oil, and particulates before entering the dryer. The Pure 5 and Pure 10 both perform to achieve dew points down to -80°F and relative humidity down to .01% RH.

Max CFM: 17

Port Size (NPT): 1/4" Inlet 1/2" Outlet

Drain: Pneumatic or Float

Max PSI: 175 PSI

Max Temp: 150 Degrees F

Dimensions 25" X 17" X 12"

Tsunami Pure 5 Series 17 CFM Regenerative Dryer System

Your economical alternative to more expensive dryer systems.
Delivers very dry, clean air down to -80°F dew point.
Plugand play operation for easy install and operation.
Compact and ideal for small applications where dry clean air is needed
Comes complete with pre-filters, auto drains, and mounting bracket.


Stage 1: Water Separator

Water and particulates are removed down to 10 micron

Stage 2: Oil Coalescing Filter

Oil aerosols are filtered down to .001 ppm and particulates are trapped down to .01 micron

Stage 3: Desiccant towers

2 towers desiccant towers cycle and regenerate to make constant dry air.

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