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MCB73-50 - 1/2" 123 SCFM Filter/Regulator 40M Element 5-150 PSI

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Product Description for MCB73-50 Filter Regulator


At Compressed Air Advisors Onliine, Inc., we understand the critical role of a robust and efficient air filtration system in maintaining the integrity of compressed air systems. The MCB73-50 Filter Regulator is a top-tier solution to ensure your compressed air line is free from contaminants and operates at optimal pressure.

Key Features:

  1. Quick Release Bayonet Metal Bowl with Sight Glass: This feature allows for easy monitoring and maintenance, ensuring that you can quickly check and address the status of your filter without downtime.
  2. 40-Micron Element Standard (MC4438-03): The standard 40-micron element is ideally suited for general industrial applications, capturing a high level of contaminants.
  3. Optional 5-Micron Element (MC4338-01): The 5-micron element option provides even finer filtration for more demanding applications.
  4. Manual Drain (MC619-50): The manual drain facility ensures easy maintenance and reliability.
  5. Bowl Size: With a 3.5 Fluid Oz. Capacity: the bowl is designed for efficient operation in various environments.
  6. Relieving Regulators: These are crucial for reducing outlet pressure when the system is dead-ended, ensuring system safety and reliability.
  7. Full Flow Gauge Ports: Featuring two 1/4" FNPT gauge ports, the design allows full flow and accurate pressure monitoring.
  8. Maximum Pressure & Spring Pressure Range: This unit can handle various industrial applications with a maximum pressure of 250 psig and a 5-150 psi spring pressure range.
  9. Operating Temperature: From 0°F to 175°F, the filter regulator is built to perform in various environmental conditions.

Recommended Accessories:


The MCB73-50 Filter Regulator is essential for any industrial setting where clean, regulated compressed air is necessary. Its filtration and pressure regulation combination ensures a stable, contamination-free air supply. This unit is not just a purchase; it's an investment in the efficiency and safety of your compressed air systems.